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Competitions and Games

Throwing boomerangs, like anything else that takes a certain amount of skill, eventually becomes a game or a contest. Whether it is one person out in a field by themselves trying to see how many times they can catch their boomerang in a row without dropping it, or dozens and dozens of competitors in a sanctioned USBA tournament, competitive game play with boomerangs is FUN!

Fun Games

Throwing boomerangs is fun all by itself but you can add to the enjoyment by playing simple games, either by yourself or with other throwers.

Trick catches

Try catching your boomerang behind your back, or under your leg, use both one-handed and two-handed catches. If your boomerang is hovering down to the ground, wait until it is low enough, then kick it back up into the air and catch it, be creative. Trick catches make up a large part of competitive events.

How many times can you catch it without dropping?

You get it?


See how many times you can get your boom to return to the exact spot you threw it from. Keep one foot planted after the throw and catch your boom without moving your foot.

Aussie Rag

I don't know where this game originated but I learned it from "Just Plain Bud", a world famous boomerang guy and poet. This is a game you can play with several throwers. To play, you place a rag, towel, or any kind of marker on the ground in the center of the throwing area . Throw with one foot on the marker. Catch your boomerang as close to the marker as you can. After you catch it, you can take three giant steps from the spot you caught your boomerang towards the rag. The idea is to be the closest to the rag after everyone is done throwing. If you don't catch your boom or drop your it, you must stand in the spot where it lands, you don't get any steps. Closest person to the rag when everyone is done throws first in the next round.

Relay Race Rang

This is a team game. Each team lines up single file, far enough apart so that the throwers don't interfere with each other.When the race starts, the first thrower in each line runs out to a marked spot 30 meters in front of the line and throws. They must then catch their boomerang, tag the marker, run back to their team and tag the next person in line. That person runs out to the marker and throws their boomerang. If the boomerang is not caught on the first throw, the thrower must throw again. After the second throw the thrower must tag the marker and return to their team whether they catch it or not.


To juggle boomerangs you need to have two boomerangs (this is probably obvious to most people). Throw the first boomerang - just before you catch it throw the second boomerang. While the second boomerang is still in the air, throw the first one again. The idea is to keep one boomerang in the air at all times. This used to be a competitive event but the really good guys could do this all day long, so it was dropped. It is still fun to do on your own and helps improve your accuracy and concentration.

This is just a sampling of the many different fun things you can do with boomerangs. Try and make up your own games and competitions. If you have some game you or your friends play with boomerangs, let me know. I could add it to this list and share it with everyone. For further information contact the United States Boomerang Association or a local boomerang club.